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Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinary Techs—Putting pets first

Does anybody love pets more than Jennifer Gonzalez? It’s possible… but wow, this licensed veterinary technician puts pets first every day at Banfield and then goes home to shower love and affection on the many pets she loves at home. What motivates her? Read the interview to find out!

What inspired you to become a veterinary technician?

Growing up, my family always had different pets… Dogs, exotics, doves, parakeets, and fish. So that definitely grew my passion. Where I grew up in California there was a lot of nature, and I was always intrigued by wildlife like lizards, rabbits, even the occasional bobcat. I also liked learning about animals in books, magazines, and games. My vet clinic computer game also inspired me when I was younger, and led to my interest in the veterinary field.

Did you enjoy your vet tech training?

Definitely, it was very focused and quick paced, and I really enjoyed it. Learning all these different things about animals and different species was very exciting for me. In school we used digital textbooks, and also had a lot of hands-on experience.

We did a lot of labs, and would go out to farms, animal shelters, and areas where we could be around exotic birds and other species. They would also bring exotic species of reptiles and other animals into the school.

What are some of your favorite ways to help clients?

I really enjoy working with clients, especially answering questions, guiding them, and giving them advice when I can or making sure they have a chance to talk to a doctor. Sometimes people have questions about taking care of their pet, or how to feed them, or about vaccines… or they might call us because they wonder if their pet might have an ear infection, that kind of thing.
It feels so good to help people. And good service definitely shows, because you can see the client is happy to bring their pet to Banfield… you can really see the smile on their face or in their eyes.
Also, as a licensed veterinary technician, I handle a lot of vet tech appointments, where I work one on one with the pet. Sometimes I have an assistant who helps me handle the pet when I’m doing vaccinations, ear cleanings, nail trimming, too. It’s always good to see the pet jumping and all excited to see me, and then to see them excited to go home happy too!

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I spend time with my two little Chihuahuas. I'll take them for walks, exercise them outside, and train them with tricks or puzzle games. I also have 55-gallon, 75-gallon, and 30-gallon fresh water aquariums at home, with animals like Koi, Iridescent sharks, Angelfish, and Kuhli Loaches. And I have a little 10-gallon tank for when fish are breeding.

I also like to be a creative person. I grew up drawing a lot, including a lot of animals. If I weren’t a veterinary technician, I would probably do something like graphic design. But I just absolutely love working with animals!

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