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CSC Shift Lead

Job ID: R-87748

Location(s): 9041 Snowden Square Dr, Columbia, Maryland, United States, 21046

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The primary purpose and function of the Shift Leadis toperform the duties of a CSC and/or veterinaryassistant/technician, as well asprovide continuity and operational support across all shifts, ensuring that thehospital always has leadership onsite to support associates and clients. The Shift Lead will helpcoordinateand guidethe paraprofessional staff and support hospital leadership in maximizing the productivity andprofitability of the hospital. This position willwork with the Practice Managerand/or Chief of Staff(COS)tohelpensure effective communication with clients, associates, Field Leadership, Central Team Support, andPetSmart.
ESSENTIALRESPONSIBILITIES ANDTASKS the ratio of time spent on leadership duties andparaprofessionalresponsibilities will vary depending on thehospital situation; theShift Leadmust use goodjudgmentin prioritizing their duties on any given day,ensuring hospital productivity. On average,the ratio is expected to be about20% leadership duties(primarilywhen the Practice Manager and/orChief of Staff are not present)and80%
ParaprofessionalResponsibilities (approximately 80% of time):Live and exemplify the Five Principles of Mars, Inc. within self and team.Perform the duties of a CSC and/orveterinary assistant/technician, which may include the following:Actively recruitnew clients by promoting hospital services.Manage routingthe flow of clients andpets to ensure superior client care and maximum productivity of the veterinary medical team.Maximize the number of pets seen by the hospital teamthrough a productive and efficiently run hospitalto support the needs of our wellness plan clients.Provideprofessional, efficient and exceptional service at all times. This includes encouraging hospitalvisits, welcoming clients andpets, ensuring that they are comfortable in the hospital, educating themabout theirpet's health,performingor preparingprocedures that do not require veterinarianorveterinary technicianassistance, completing preparatory work for other procedures, and monitoringhospitalized or surgicalpetsas allowed in the state practice acts.Educate clients about Optimum Wellness Plans, preventative care,pet health needs and hospitalservices.Assist incoming clients by completing the required documentation, entering allpet information andhistory in the computer, utilizing proper collars and tags for identification, and ensuring promptservice.Assist outgoing clients by providing all necessary instructions, information and invoices, dispensingprescription items per the veterinarian's instructions, selling retail products and scheduling futureappointments.Manage the finances by maintaining accurate balances and utilizing proper opening and closingprocedures.Act as the extra eyes, ears and hands for the veterinarian and veterinary technician to ensure the bestquality pet care and tomaximize the veterinarian's and veterinary technician’s productivity, andcommunicate with the other associates to maintain the flow of patients.Obtain relevant information and history from clients and maintain proper and complete medicalcharts.Ensurethe safety ofpets, clients and associates by utilizing safe restraining techniques, followingstandard protocols, and maintaining clean, sterile and organized treatment areas, exam rooms andlabs.Assist with surgery as applicable.Utilize technical skills to the fullest, within statepractice acts and as outlined in the NAVTA guidelinesfor veterinary assistant skills and duties.Conduct administrative functions as necessary.
Leadership Responsibilities (approximately 20% of time):Assist Practice Manager in developing an efficient, productive hospital team that provides the highestquality care and service to the most pets and clients, following all Banfield protocols and practices,as wellasall local, state and federal laws,focusing the team to achieve practice priorities while building ourculture and brand.Support Practice Manager inhospital labormanagement which may include adjusting paraprofessionalteam’s schedules on a shift by shift basis.May assist Practice Manager in the selection, training, and day-to-day supervision ofthe paraprofessionalteam to ensure quality medical care, exceptional client service, associate engagementand maximumproductivity.Provide professional, efficient and exceptional client service (lead by example), ensuring all associates dothe same,to includeclienteducationabout Optimum Wellness Plans, preventive care, pet health needs,hospital services, marketing campaigns, and other related information; effectively resolve client issues.Assist Practice Manager in creating an environment where a team can deliver quality, efficient andeffective veterinary care to pets.Foster an environment that engages associates, where associatesdo their best andfeel good about being amember of theteam.Provide effective communication between associates, clients, hospital leadership and Central TeamSupport.Ensure allhospitalassociates adhere to Banfield dress and grooming guidelines.Ensure all hospitalized pets are prepped and all equipment isready for surgery.Ensure cases are assigned to VA’s andthat theyare clear on their work responsibilities for the day.Prepare whole team on cases scheduled for the day, assist with any transfers of cases from day before orexternal referrals to providecontinuity of care, triage the treatment board.Assist Practice Manager in identifyingpotential “bottlenecks” and formulatingsolutions to removebarriersin medical operations that wouldimpedethe doctors in providing world class preventive careand client service.Confer with field leadership and assist with client resolution decisions, invoice adjustments and clientexperience exceptions.Train and mentor new paraprofessional associates.Quality check medical records, go home medications, regulatory documentations, hospital cleanliness, andtimeliness of doctors seeing exam room patients.Address broken equipment issues and assist in inventory management.Other job duties as assigned.
THE FIVEPRINCIPLES QualityThe consumer is our boss, quality is our work and value for money is our goal.ResponsibilityAs individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as associates, we supportthe responsibility of others.MutualityAmutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.EfficiencyWe use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best.FreedomWe need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free.
HIRINGQUALIFICATIONS/COMPETENCIES LeadershipPriority SettingApproachabilityDirecting OthersCustomer FocusFunctionalPeer RelationshipsCommunication SkillsFunctional/Technical SkillsAction OrientedMotivating Others
CAPABILITIES ANDEXPERIENCE(CAN DO)Ability to multi-taskManagesmultiple tasks at one time; quickly and accurately shifts attention amongmultiple tasks under distracting conditions without loss of accuracy or appearance of frustration.OrganizationalabilityDemonstrates a systematic approach in carrying out assignments. Is veryorderly and excels at cutting through confusion and turning chaos into order.Problem solving skillsDemonstratesa strong ability to identify, analyze and solveproblems.Translates problems into practical solutions.Intellectual abilityAccuratelyand consistently follows instructions delivered in an oral, written ordiagram format. Can provide directions.Mathematical abilityAbilityto add, subtract, multiply and divide, and to compute rate, ratio andpercent; ability to convert units of measurement.Computer skillsComfortablyand confidently uses a computer and specialized software.
ATTITUDES(WILL DO)InitiativeShows willingness and aptitude to use own discretion in taking appropriate steps in findingsolutions to problems; presents options and ideas to enhance current processes or procedures. Takes onadditional responsibility when both big and small tasks needto be done.IntegrityFirmly adheres to the values and ethics of Banfield Pet Hospitals.Exhibits honesty, discretion,and sound judgment.CooperativenessWilling to work with others, collaborating and compromising where necessary;promptly share relevant information with others.FlexibilityIs open to changing situations and opportunities and is willingto perform all tasks assigned.IndependenceAble and willing to perform tasks and duties without supervision.Tolerance for Stress / ResiliencyMaintains a positive “can do” outlook, rebounds quickly fromfrustrations and unpleasantness, and maintains composure and friendly demeanor while dealing withstressful situations.
SPECIALWORKINGCONDITIONSAbility to be confident around pets(i.e., dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc.)Client needs and work volume may often require more than 40 hours per week to complete essentialduties of this job. This position often requires working weekends and evenings.The noise level in the work environment is moderately high.Ability to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral, or diagram form and to solve problemsinvolving several variables.Requires ambulatory skills sufficient to perform duties while at hospital and to visit variouslocations.Ability to stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, and climb as well as manipulate (lift, carry, move) up to 50pounds.Requires good hand-eye coordination, arm-hand-finger dexterity with the ability to reach and grasp, andvisual acuity to use a keyboard, operate equipment and read information.Associate is routinely exposed to a variety of pets that may bite or scratch, and on occasion, exposed toanesthesia, radiation, biological hazards and medication/controlled substances.
EXPERIENCE,EDUCATIONAND/ORTRAININGAssociate’s degree or veterinary technician certification/licensure preferred, or the equivalentcombination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, andabilities.Two years experience(healthcare, veterinary profession, service-type industry, etc.) required, with sixmonths experience at Banfield preferred.Prior supervisory experience preferred.Medical background (veterinary technician, human healthcare, pharmaceutical, etc.) with medicalterminology training preferred.
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