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Meet Lukasz, Veterinarian Recruiter

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Why did you choose Banfield?

I love working with vets! They’re a passionate and loving community of hard-working individuals. Becoming a veterinarian is a journey followed by a life-long devotion to the health and wellbeing of animals. Our society and culture can be very demanding of this group, and they carry a great deal of weight on their shoulders to protect and heal our loved ones. I am very grateful to be a part of the Banfield family.

Tell us about yourself:

After serving in the United States Air Force, I started my recruiting career in 2012. Before transitioning to the veterinarian space, I was recruiting aviation and technical professionals for clients in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, I always lived with dogs and cats, and I can say that animals have positively impacted my life. We learn a lot more from animals than I think we realize!

What qualities do you look for when hiring veterinarians?

Banfield has a strong focus on practicing quality medicine—at the core of quality medicine is animals’ health and wellbeing. I have a strong belief that veterinarians at Banfield need to be aligned with this concept.

What tips do you have for veterinarians when evaluating a practice to work?

I always share this piece of advice when speaking to new grads: “Make sure you are interviewing your future employers. Ask us the tough questions, too.” Unfortunately, I see many promises made during the interview process, followed by a lack of effort to deliver on those promises, mainly due to lack of resources. When entering the job market, think big picture and be selfish!

Do you have a favorite recruiter story to share?

I once sent a text to two candidates by accident. I watched in agony as the two individuals exchanged information, as one of the folks on the line was currently recruiting someone for their business. You are welcome!

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