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Banfield Pet Hospital Recruiter

Cori Uhland

Veterinary Technician Recruiter

Areas served: Arizona; Southern California


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About Cori

Banfield is dedicated to promoting health, wellness, work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and mutuality - values that are close to my heart.

My husband and I are honored to be pet parents to our little guy, Bodhi, a rescue that found his way to our home in the middle of the night. He's a Cor-chi (Corgi/Chihuahua) who embodies tenacity, stubbornness, and unwavering affection.


What's your favorite part of working for Banfield?

I am passionate about providing support and forming partnerships with individuals who are deeply dedicated to veterinary healthcare. Whether they are just embarking on their career journey or seeking to further develop their skills, I am committed to being a valuable resource for their professional growth.