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We know that we need to nurture our next generation of caregivers. So, we’re here for you, right from the very start of your career. Whether you’re still in school or getting ready for your first job, we want to be your guide and set the standard for what your future can be. Take a look at what we’re offering below and see what might just make a difference for your future.

Calling all high schoolers!

Are you a high school student aged 16+ interested in the veterinary field? Check out our new NextVet Internship experience! Applications open now.

Calling all high schoolers

Which program is right for you?

Learn more about the differences between our DVM Externship and Student Job Program.

Student Programs

Find us on campus

Online or in-person, we’ll be connecting with students at your school soon. Contact us at to find out more or schedule a visit.

Two young doctors with a dog
  • U.S. Midwest and Northwest

    Kristen Pelenskij

  • U.S. Northeast and Southwest

    Rose Dolin, CVT

  • Canada

    Annie Kong and Kristen Pelenskij

  • Australia/New Zealand

    Rose Dolin, CVT

  • U.S. South, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic

    Annie Kong

  • U.S. Central

    Annie Kong and Kristen Pelenskij


    Annie Kong

  • Vet Tech campuses

    Ava Bartley, LVT and Rose Dolin, CVT