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Banfield Pet Hospital Recruiter

Jackie Griffith

Veterinarian Recruiter

Areas served: Maryland; Washington DC; Pennsylvania; Northern Virginia


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About Jackie

Hello! My name is Jackie Griffith, and I am a senior recruiter with Banfield Pet Hospital! I love talking to candidates and hearing about their journeys, but I hate talking about my own. So, here are six quick things about me and my work:
1. In my previous life, I used to be a professional hair and make-up artist. I worked with clients up and down the West Coast and had many fun adventures! I have been the artist on photoshoots and fashion shows, and my proudest moment was having my work showcased on a magazine cover. I love the beauty industry, as it will always be a piece of me.
2. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! If you know, you know! I absolutely love me some reality TV.
3. I got my job in recruiting in an unusual way. One of my clients saw the potential in me, and as a true recruiter does, she ended up convincing me that I should leave the world of beauty and become a recruiting coordinator. It was a scary jump! I never thought I would be in a corporate setting, but I am so happy! I have now been recruiting for over eight years.
4. In my off time, I love to entertain! My husband is a wonderful chef who has taught me so much.
5. Love me some karaoke! Nothing is better than feeling like a star in front of a crowd of six for about four minutes.
6. I don’t like to advertise this fact, but I’d do this job for free! I love building relationships and connecting with candidates from all around the world. The stories I get to hear are so inspiring!


What's your favorite part of working for Banfield?

I work with such passionate doctors who truly want to make an impact in the veterinary world.