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Nicole Brazill's, DVM, Part-time Story with Banfield

I love the flexibility and work-life balance that comes with the opportunity to work part-time at Banfield. I dropped from full-time to part-time 12 years ago when I started having kids, and it has offered me the freedom to continue my career and be a stay at home mom at the same time. I work two days a week, offset from my husband's four days a week, so we don't have to worry about childcare. There is always someone home to help with homework, go to sports practice, or attend other special events. It has also allowed me to be available to help my kids' classroom and get to know their teachers and classmates. With distance-learning and COVID-19, the ability to be present has been even more of a blessing this year.

Aside from kids, working part-time has also enabled me to make the best use of my energy while at work.

I can provide quality care for our many patients, and I'm highly productive on the days that I am there. I also have the freedom to pick up extra shifts - last year to afford the new puppy our family had been waiting for, I was able to work an extra four days. 

I also love that even though I am only part-time, Banfield has a great paid time off policy, meaning we never lack family vacation days. 

Overall, working part-time at Banfield has been a wonderful fit for our family, from having a set schedule to being available for children while continuing to grow and challenge myself in my career. I plan on staying with Banfield for the foreseeable future! 

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Nicole Brazill, Banfield Veterinarian

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