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Student Program FAQs 

What is the difference between Student Job Program and Externship?

Student Job Programs are intended for 1st – 3rd year veterinary students and focuses on the development of technical skills. Externships are intended for veterinary students in their clinical year and assumes the role of a doctor in training. For more details click here.

What is my role in the hospital for the Student Job Program?

SJP participants can expect to spend approximately 80% of their time working in a role that parallels that of a Veterinary Assistant position. The remaining 20% of the time is spent working toward learning goals developed in partnership with the assigned coach doctor.

What benefits are offered through the Student Job Program?

Students participating in the SJP are eligible for one Optimum Wellness plan (OWP) upon date of hire. Enrollment of a pet for the OWP must occur while the student is still active as an associate. Associates also receive discounts for purchases made at PetSmart, the Canine Genetic Analysis (CGA), and up to 50% off Royal Canine diets. Please contact for more info.

What is my role in the hospital as an Extern?

Externship participants spend the entirety of their placement in a doctor-in-training role alongside their coach doctor.

Who is eligible to apply for a Student Program?

Students participating in either the Student Job Program or the Externship program must be currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited college/university or DVM/VMD program and must be eligible to work in the U.S.

After I complete my program, can I continue to work at that same hospital?

It is possible for students to continue to work for their hospital once their program has ended! If you are interested in becoming a Banfield associate once your program in completed, let your Hospital Leaders know.

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